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This is a modern flat with unbelievable view. When you stand between the rooms in the corridor, you can see Bosporus in the back room window and Galata tower in the front room. Flat is around 110 M2. There are 2 attached bedrooms in the back part.

The apartment is located right across Galata tower, an area of arts and entertainment. It's walking distance (also very nice walk) to Sultanahmet area, spice market and so on. It's 5 min walk away from metro station and famous Istiklal street. 
The house is aligned in such a way that from one end you can see the sea and on the other the tower, where sun rises from the sea side where is quite and where the bedroom is, and sets on the tower side. The light of the sun washes the house 4.5 meter high walls all day. 
It' s also a family house which has features for the kids to come, like a painting wall (only that one:)), books, paints and some toys on call. 
There is also a service for cleaning if needed ,the lady who does it, works for us and know the house very well and very secure.

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