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RehaMedinGlobal® Real Estate is a chain real estate brand, which has 34 years-old background and owns 50 branches that provide full service to real estate agents, consultants, sales partners, real estate buyers, and sellers. RehaMedinGlobal® Real Estate shapes the future of the real estate industry with its innovative technology, sophisticated business systems, and brand awareness by not forgetting its roots in the real estate tradition.

Our company, which performed the first overseas franchise sale of Turkey, first project sales to foreign customer in Istanbul, first real estate consultancy agreement with the government agency, first sectoral printed broadcast, first sectoral radio program, first digital synchronization, first housing index, first foreign real estate investment fund representation, continues to be the solution partner of corporations by following the technological developments of the age and the requirements of the globalizing business world. is B2B foreign agent sales platform specially designed for properties in Turkey. is a system that digitalizes and mobilizes real estate activities according to the latest laws. is B2C and B2B information portal mainly for foreign investors planning to invest in the coastline in Turkey. is B2C foreign sales platform providing services in 3 languages ​​for real estates in Istanbul. is the main platform of Reha Medin Real Estate Services. is B2C sales platform where we provide turnkey real estate services for Turkish citizens who want to invest in foreign countries (Portugal, Greece, France, England). is B2C sales portal specially prepared for foreign investors planning to invest in land in Turkey.

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